3 Benefits of St Paul Condo Living

benefits of st paul condo livingAre you looking to buy a condo or loft? If so, you might consider city living in downtown or lowertown St. Paul. There’s a lot to love about St. Paul, MN living in general, and more to love about condo living in particular.  Here are three benefits of St Paul condo living.

1. No Yard Work

If you’ve ever owned a house or grown up with a yard, you know how much time yard work consumes. When you have a yard, especially in a four season climate like St. Paul, there’s always something to do in the yard; be it raking, mowing, trimming, planting or just getting rid of old leaves in the spring. When you live in a St. Paul condo, your weekends are totally free. The landscaping is done for you, so you can go out and enjoy all that St. Paul has to offer!

2. Extra Amenities

If you owned a single family home, you might not be able to have an on-sight gym, swimming pool, concierge or tennis court. But when you own a St Paul condo, you could have some or all of these extra amenities. Imagine being able to step outside your condo in St. Paul and right onto the tennis court! These kinds of things are all available to you when you consider purchasing a St. Paul loft or condo.

3. Ownership in a Community Setting

If you value social interaction and a strong sense of community, then a St. Paul condo may be perfect for you Unlike apartment renting, where your building could get torn down or you could be asked to move, you own your St. Paul condo. As long as you wish to live there, it’s your home.

Does the idea of living in a St. Paul condo appeal to you? Contact Shannon for more details!

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