5 Things to Look For in a St. Paul Loft

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Are you looking for a St. Paul loft? St. Paul is one of the most popular places to live in Minnesota, and a condo is a smart investment. Property values are continuing to rise, and more and more jobs are being created every day. Now that you’re ready to start your St. Paul condo search, here are five things to look for.

1. Balcony

You might assume that all condos for sale in St. Paul would have a balcony, but that’s not necessarily the case. However, a balcony is a nice little luxury to have. It often feels like an extension of your living space. You could have your morning breakfast on the balcony, grow an outdoor herb garden or even put your stationary bicycle on it for a brisk early morning exercise routine. If a balcony is something that appeals to you, be sure to let your real estate agent know it’s on your list.

2. Affordable HOA Fees

Many St. Paul condos have HOA fees for owners. These fees help to make sure that every resident is safe and comfortable. They go toward things like keeping elevators in proper working order, keeping community spaces clean and tidy, and maintaining the exterior grounds. You’ll find that HOA fees can vary widely among different condo buildings. Be sure to ask your real estate agent about the HOA fees so you can ensure they’re affordable to you.

3. Fireplace

The climate in St. Paul is four seasons. Temperatures in the cooler months can dip down in the single digits. For that reason, you may want to look for a St. Paul condo that has a fireplace. A fireplace adds a lot of charm to your condo as well as practical use. You can always decorate the mantel or display cherished photos. When it’s cold outside, sitting in front of your St. Paul condo fireplace with a warm cup of tea will be a real treat.

4. Proximity to Amenities

St. Paul has a lot to offer as far as activities. If you choose a condo in St. Paul that has close proximity to amenities, you’ll be easily able to enjoy it all. Whether you want to take night classes at Summit University, ride your bicycle at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, or need to pick up visiting relatives from St. Paul Downtown Airport, you can do it all from your downtown St. Paul condo.

5. Easy Access to Destinations

if you think you’ll need to commute to work everyday, consider your access to roadways when you choose your St. Paul condo. State route 52 will bring you south to Rochester, while Interstate 94 will bring you into Minneapolis. If you prefer public transportation, you can rely on Metro Transit to connect you between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. There are 14 stations within St. Paul alone, so it will be fairly easy to find a condo that’s within walking distance of one of them.

Now that you have your list of five things to look for in a St. Paul condo, your real estate agent will be better equipped to help you find your ideal condo. With a population of over 300,000, St. Paul is an ideal place to live, work and play. No matter which condo you choose, chances are you’ll be overjoyed with your decision!

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