Minneapolis Condos & Lofts

What Are Seller Contributions Towards The Buyer’s Closing Costs?

Figure out how much your home is worth

Whether you’re buying or selling a condo or a home in the Twin Cities, you’ll want to know what are the seller contributions towards the buyer’s closing costs.  These contributions can be a powerful incentive for selling a property because closing costs can add up very quickly. In some cases, closing costs can be between 2%…

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Best Fall Walks: Minneapolis-St Paul

Autumn Leaf

Exploring downtown Minneapolis-St Paul condos & lofts for sale this season, you’ll be surrounded by the colors of fall. Here are a few leaf-peeping ideas to complement your home hunting. Summit Avenue Walk this 5-mile stretch from the Cathedral of St Paul to the Mississippi River—or for just as far as you wish. The stately Victorians…

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What Makes a Condo or Loft a Haven? Top 10 Amenities Explored

When people are looking for a luxury condo or loft, such as the Downtown St Paul or Minneapolis condos & lofts, there are certain amenities that might make them more likely to sign on the dotted line. Having a property that boasts these desirable features tends to make it stand out among a crowd. Learn what…

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Tips for Making Your Minneapolis/St Paul Condo Eco-Friendly

There is great news for Minnesota condo buyers who are passionate about upholding a green living lifestyle. If you are thinking about buying a Minneapolis-St Paul condo for sale, you can rest assured that there are many eco-friendly actions you can take that will make your new home an environmentally-friendly place in which to live. The…

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5 Days Out in Minneapolis, Along the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway

The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, made of connected green spaces all around Minneapolis, meshes with 300 miles of regional trails. Explore outstanding bike paths and more than 50 miles of scenic driving parkways. In winter, the city clears the trails of snow by 6 a.m., for the residents who walk or bike to work. The Grand Rounds offers some great recreational activities too. Here are…

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Walkable St. Paul: Which Neighborhood Gives You Happy Feet?

One of the many things we love about St. Paul condos and lofts is their location in the most walkable of urban neighborhoods. Summer in Downtown St. Paul means comfortable shoes, and immersion in the energy of the markets and the music, and numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars to choose from. The downtown farmers’ market is open on weekends. Shop and eat locally!…

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City Life in Minneapolis: Don’t Miss These Stops Along The World’s Largest Skyway

Minneapolis Highways

The Minneapolis Skyway saves the day in wintertime, but it’s fabulous all year round. It’s always fun to walk high over the bustle of the city below. And it’s sweet to move in sheltered, air-conditioned comfort from hotels to restaurants, from business towers to the shopping mall. State Theatre The State Theatre of Minneapolis first opened in 1921 as one of the world’s most…

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What is a condo conversion?

Condominium conversion is the act of dividing real estate properties such as apartment buildings, mansions, commercial buildings, etc. currently under one title into individually owned units sold as condos. The condo conversion trend has gained momentum over the years following the increased demand for home ownership, coupled with limited space. Pros of Living in a Condo…

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Minneapolis Uptown Is City Living at It’s Bests

Whenever we talk about Minneapolis uptown condos for sale, we know we’re fortunate—because this neighborhood sells itself. Owners of modern and historic condos and single-family homes think of their city as an extension of home. And just look at the amenities here. From a world-class shopping mall to organic restaurants, along with and infinite walking and recreation offerings, Uptown Minneapolis features:…

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Six Fantastic Dog Parks In Minneapolis & Saint Paul

One reason why the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area placed among the top 10 of the US News Best Cities? Our awesome spots for canine carousing. Here are some of our doggies’ delights. Arlington-Arkwright Off-Leash Park. 400 Arlington Ave. E., St. Paul. This 4½-acre, enclosed space welcomes you and your furry pal with free parking, sunrise to sunset. Social dogs hang…

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