Conscious Condo Living: Energy-Saving in the Twin Cities

If conscious condo living is a priority for you, St Paul and Minneapolis condos are space-efficient and helpfully insulated. This brings up one advantage of picking a middle unit. If your condo is flanked by others on both sides, your heating bills may stay especially low.

That said, heat represents a significant portion of the energy bill for any condo or townhome owner in the Twin Cities. Therefore, you might want to consider these simple ways to streamline winter power consumption.

Cozy Curtains, Warm Blankets…

For large windows, consider insulating curtains. Layered curtains can significantly lower your heating needs. Use your heater less, and your skin, lips, and nasal passages won’t dry so easily!

Toss an extra blanket on your bed and lower the thermostat at night. Smart thermostats make this so easy.

Wear a comfortable sweater at home. Your body is better off with less extreme temperature changes when heading in and out of winter’s chill. Bonus: You might sleep better and avoid winter weight gain!

Crackling Fires, Gentle Fans. conscious condo living

Does your Twin Cities condo have a fireplace? Enjoy it! Most importantly, you might want to get the chimney inspected—and cleaned if needed—at least every two years.

Note that a fire energizes itself partly by drawing heat from the other rooms, even while warming the area around the fire. Close the doors to other areas of your condo for the best overall heating effect. If your condo has ceiling fans, use the reverse setting in the winter; it draws ceiling warmth downward, and evenly spreads the fire’s heat.

If your fireplace runs on wood, save firewood during the year to lower your costs.

Are you interested buying a condo equipped with smart technology or  a gorgeous fireplace?

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