Feng Shui for Your Twin Cities Condo or Townhome

feng shui living roomClassic Feng Shui can help turn your life around by creating an atmosphere of positive energy in condo or townhome. The main principle behind Feng Shui is to redecorate your home and/or clear the clutter in order to allow universal energy (chi) to come into your life in a positive manner. Failure to do this, practitioners warn, could potentially invite negative energy into your house and hamper your life and health. Consulting with a Feng Shui expert could help you understand the specific elements associated with the rooms in your home. Depending on cardinal directions, the colors you use to decorate your spaces could either be a blessing or prove disastrous. For those who are simply interested in Feng Shui, or looking to start using it, here are a few simple tips to invite positive energy into your home:

  • The Front Door: The entrance to your home, and the primary place through which the chi would be entering, this is where Feng Shui begins. The important thing to keep in mind is that nothing should be obstructing the chi from flowing into your condo or townhome. When you stand at your door and look outside or hallway, there should be nothing to block the energy. No lampposts, no decorations, or any such clutter. If you live in a condo, this applies only to the entrance of your flat. The front door is the primary entrance into a home, and the gateway for opportunities.
  • The Kitchen: A place where you cook food and obtain nourishment to maintain vitality, the kitchen is held of great importance in Feng Shui. The stove is the main epicenter of focus to use Feng Shui in your kitchen. It must always be kept cleaned, even the edges. All the burners of the stove should be used regularly, not preferring one over the other. And even if you do not cook regularly, always be sure to use the stove even if it is just to boil water. By doing this, you can invite positive chi into your life that could improve your career and health.
  • The Living Room: Bright, open spaces that receive a lot of natural light invite good energies. The ideal living room is one that comforts and supports you. Decorating it to create cozy, warm clusters of energy is better than a living room with too much furniture, or no fixed plan of decoration. Avoiding angles in your sitting room, especially in places where people gather is important. Angles include any surfaces like the corners of walls. Placing photographs, items of value or anything that comforts you is a good way to bolster positive chi.
  • The Bathroom: A place where you cleanse your body and soul, the bathroom embodies the element of water. Soothing, relaxing and purifying, the right combination of elements in your bathroom can create the perfect place to rest and relax. Using mirrors that let you see yourself, candles and bright lights that give the room a warm appeal and aromatherapy and scented oils all help create further relaxation. Turn on your music, close your eyes and surround yourself with visually pleasing things that make your daily baths a spa-like experience.
  • The Bedroom: Our primary place of rest, here we recover and rejuvenate our bodies to face another day. Having the right kind of energies surround us as we sleep is of pivotal importance. Beds that have room for air to circulate around them let the chi flow better into your room. The size of the bed does not matter, but it is important that it has a headboard. Headboards signify protection, and this ensures positive energies protect you in your sleep. Ensure that the bedroom is either square or rectangular in shape, as anything else disturbs the flow of energy.

With these steps, you should be on your way to utilize Feng Shui in your life and enriching your home!

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