Minneapolis/St Paul Green-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Small City Yards

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The Twin Cities are overflowing with life at all hours of the day. From the university students who trek to and from campus, to the business professionals who are establishing their careers, to individuals who are just experiencing and enjoying urban living.  There's always someone doing something special in the city. While city life offers many benefits, it's not without its sacrifices. Most of the people who live in the City of Minneapolis or St. Paul will find that their charming condos or homes do not have large yards and sprawling outdoor living space. However, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a sustainable, private space outside your home to call your own.

Sustainable Landscaping Ideas for Small City Yards

• Create a potted garden on your front porch. Instead of spending money at a large corporate grocery store on produce, you can grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables right from your own porch. Plants that work well in a potted garden include lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and peppers.
• Decorate with plants that do not utilize a lot of water. One of the hallmarks of Minneapolis eco green condos is the fact that they conserve water when possible, and try to use this precious resource responsibly. Instead of decorating your balcony or patio area with flowering plants that require watering multiple times a day, choose plants that thrive on less water. Succulents are beautiful plants that only need water once every few days.
• Purchase furniture that is made from sustainable wood or recycled materials. A bistro table or a set of chairs allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor landscaping. When purchasing this furniture, you may want to opt for pieces that are produced locally or that incorporate sustainable materials into their design.

Urban green living is a high priority for quite a few individuals living in Minneapolis-St. Paul area. If you are looking for eco-friendly green homes or condos in the area, you'll surely want to incorporate some of these environmentally-friendly landscaping ideas for your new place.

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