How to Turn Your Minneapolis-St Paul Home or Condo into a Smart Home

Your smart phone is probably your very best friend — the close personal assistant that you can rely on majority of the time. But have you ever thought of converting your Twin Cities condo, loft, or townhome as a smart home? There’s new technology being released daily that can improve the functionality and efficiency of your condo or townhome, and many of these devices have a direct impact on your own quality of life. Beyond that, if your Minneapolis-St Paul condo, loft, or townhome is a smart home, it may possibly increase in value as well.

Here’s a few smart technology devices that can help transform your Minneapolis-St Paul condo into a smart home:

Smart Security System

These security systems sync with your Wi-Fi connection in order to provide you with pivotal data regarding the safety of your condo or townhome at any time of day. You can always check in from your own device. Motion detectors, window sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and a central hub are just a few of the features that are included on the average smart security system. You may want to contact your association to see if you can install a smart security system.

Virtual Assistant

Imagine having your own personal assistant available to you at any time. If you aren’t a celebrity, this likely seems out of the realm of possibility. Enter the virtual assistant. You can speak to this smart hub, ask questions, make requests and control many of the smart devices in your condo or townhome.

Smart Thermostat

Forget the programmable thermostat — a smart thermostat learns your habits and adjusts the temperature of your condo or townhome accordingly. What is really helpful is that you can even control your thermostat remotely from your mobile device.

Smart Doorbell

With this innovative doorbell, you will get stunning high-resolution video of whoever is waiting for you at the front door. It can integrate with other smart technology components in your condo or townhome order to provide you with a seamless experience. You may want to contact your condo or townhome association to see if you can install a smart doorbell system.

Smart Home Lock

These keypad-style locks improve the security of your home significantly, and they store important data that you can retrieve at any time from your mobile device.

Implementing just one of these devices may increase the marketable of a condo or townhome.

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