Learn and Have Fun: Things to Do in St Paul, MN

children's museum st paul mnThere’s no shortage of wonderful experiences to be enjoyed in and around St Paul. And some of the best things in the city are free. Here are a handful of free offerings we love.

Play. Grow. Imagine!

Do it all at the Children’s Museum of St Paul. See how to make play a priority for your family, and for you! There’s much to learn here about research on the power of play to build strong minds.

Visit the Weisman. Admission is always free.

The Weisman Art Museum is enjoyable, free, educational, and one of the most wonderful destinations in St Paul. The collection includes paintings by Marsden Hartley, Georgia O’Keeffe, and a great many contemporary artists.

Join volunteer weekend tour guides, the Weisguides, and you’ll learn about the building’s architecture as well as the art within. You’ll get to contribute to art-making, too. Check the museum’s calendar for upcoming events.

The Cathedral of St Paul welcomes you in.

The Cathedral, with its landmark copper dome, holds guided tours at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Meet at the tour counter at the rear of the church.

Feast your eyes on the spectacular works of art, such as the painting by Theodule Ribot at the altar. Find the seat where JFK once sat. And you can go for lunch at the St Paul School or at any of the Grand Avenue restaurants and pubs. Trip Advisor reviewers rate this as #1 of 108 things to do in St Paul!

Visit the St Paul Cathedral on Facebook for some previews!

Hop over to Minneapolis and…

You’ll find there’s always free live entertainment at the Midtown Global Market.

Midtown Global Market is an open, multicultural marketplace. Visit and choose from a wide variety of foods, local brews, interesting crafts, artworks, and gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

Condo shopping in St Paul?

Visit one of these great offerings in and around St Paul—perhaps after touring townhomes and condos for sale in the Twin Cities. Feel the hospitality of the place you’ll call home!

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