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loring park minneapolisMore than 30,000 people live in Downtown Minneapolis. A thriving, bustling city full of life. It also has the fifth highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. That makes Downtown Minneapolis a hotspot for urban professionals working in these companies.

Catering to this growth came with an abundance of fine dining establishments, theaters, coffee shops, shopping destinations, and an abundance of high-rise condos & converted warehouse lofts.

Downtown Minneapolis is divided into East Minneapolis and West Minneapolis. The Downtown-East neighborhood of Minneapolis has mostly residential and commercial buildings. The Mill City District was home to historic flour mill industry that once was the backbone of Minneapolis economy finds its remnants here.

The Minneapolis Downtown-West neighborhood on the other hand, has skyscrapers, the Nicollet Mall and the Warehouse District – home to live music venues, nightclubs and entertainment zones.

Minneapolis has come up with many innovations over the ages; one of the most defining aspects of the city is its use of the Skyway System.

The Minneapolis Skyway System is essentially a network of passages constructed above ground between buildings, linking sixty nine city blocks. If you are so inclined, you could spend your entire life in Downtown Minneapolis and never have to venture out into the streets. Where this comes especially handy, is in combating the rough and cold winters that Minneapolis experiences.

The Skyway System ensures that you can continue to have a normal lifestyle even when stepping on to the streets seems impossible. Bus routes and the Hiawatha Light Rail Line makes commuting easy for those that want to step out.

A thriving residential community within the Downtown area suggests that you could be within walking distance from any of its facilities at any time. Buying condos that links to the Skyway System can be more expensive.

A very well linked city, the system of roads ensures that you do not need your own car. That is a good thing, since space is tight and the parking spaces especially can be costly.

Nice Ride, a self service bike rental station also operates throughout Minneapolis city. A green, lush environment full of parks and recreational activities characterize Minneapolis.

Downtown is a stark contrast on this, with its widespread concrete buildings and tall skyscrapers. It represents industries, commercial businesses and growing enterprises. Downtown Minneapolis is an adventure in culture and history interspersed with entertainment.

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