Selling Your Condo or Loft? Your Listing Needs Interior Photos

selling your condo or loft

Condo – Kitchen

Selling your condo or loft? Property listings with very few photos are often overlooked. Often times, viewers of such listings may suspect that a flattering picture isn’t possible to obtain. Therefore, it’s better to show the interior, short-comings and all.

Now, an agent might have a valid reason for not posting interior photos. Typically, these issues can be promptly addressed:

  • A just-listed property is awaiting the photographer’s visit.
  • The seller prefers to wait until the property is free of valuables and personal items to allow photography.
  • The seller is waiting for tenants to move out before scheduling interior photography

Appealing Photography Sells Condos & Lofts

It all starts with cleaning and sprucing up the space: cleaning grout, removing stains, fixing lights and locks and sagging cupboards, painting walls. Because when the little things seem neglected, the buyer will wonder about the bigger things.

Next, removing objects is paramount. Furnishings and various objects can make a compact property look cramped.

Additionally, when the condo is photo-ready, it’s time to announce its individual strengths—a serene view, a quiet location, or new interior amenities. Photos can amplify these selling points. Buyers will be happy to know if the property has a reputation for exceptional maintenance. Show off the manicured garden, the natural pond. Is there a gym or pool? A community office or entertainment room? A rooftop deck? Show them off!

Getting the Best Result

You will get the best results by including a lot of well-taken, great photos using the the tips above.  Your potential Realtor and buyer will appreciate the extra time you took to really showcase your home.

Display images meant to resonate with the dreams of a potential buyer. To make a good first impression, pictures often speak more eloquently than words.

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