A Hidden Gem in Minneapolis: St Anthony Main

St Anthony Main is one of the hidden gems of Minneapolis. And when it comes to Twin Cities real estate, it’s a place we love to show off. What a sweet spot to shop for a condo or loft! What puts St Anthony Main at the top of urban living opportunities? It’s the perfect blend of urban energy, natural beauty, and historical value. The first of Minnesota’s mills arose at St Anthony Falls, the one authentic waterfall on the Mississippi River. For commercial boats, this was once the northernmost port of the river. See it from Water Power Park. And scenic treasures – natural and historic – await at Father Hennepin…

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Best Coffee Shops in Saint Paul MN

Why You’ll Love Your New Northeast Minneapolis Condo

You’ll find along the Minneapolis northeast riverfront numerous condos & lofts in a wide variety of price ranges with traditional to modern features. The spectacular skyline view of downtown Minneapolis along with the walkability of Main Street and also the convenience to downtown, are just a few of the benefits of  living in the Minneapolis Northeast District. Furthermore, the benefits of experiencing sustainable urban living could make a condo or loft purchase an outstanding investment. Perfect Blend of Historic and Modern Flair Northeast Minneapolis condo living means joining a community energized by bustling commerce and popular dining spots such as enjoying a tasty lunch…

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Selling Your Twin Cities Condo? Don’t Overlook the Little Things

Sometimes it’s the subtle things – nice people next door, the flow of morning sunlight, a friendly café or fresh-baked bread at the local market – that help to make a condo or loft a home. Tell prospective buyers about more than square feet and school districts. You know your downtown Minneapolis or St Paul condo best. So, you’re in the position to convey its special elements to buyers. Here’s some inspiration to think like the buyer who will fall in love with your space. Sunlight and Warmth Do your south-facing walls have windows? Does your loft or condo have a particularly brilliant sunrise or sunset view? That’s an asset that doesn’t…

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Condos and Loft Living: For the Environment

Living in a Twin Cities condo or loft means living with conscious awareness of the environment. The urban condo or loft is smaller than the single-family house. As a result, the shared walls can help to insulate the AC in summer and heat in winter, so condos and lofts usually use far less energy. So, although each home is unique in its energy use, many new owners of city lofts and condos find themselves needing half the energy they previously used in a detached house – or less. Walkability and Transportation Options in the Twin Cities Fuel use is also more efficient. For instance, if you live in downtown Minneapolis or St…

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5 Things to Look For in a St. Paul Loft

Are you looking for a St. Paul loft? St. Paul is one of the most popular places to live in Minnesota, and a condo is a smart investment. Property values are continuing to rise, and more and more jobs are being created every day. Now that you’re ready to start your St. Paul condo search, here are five things to look for. 1. Balcony You might assume that all condos for sale in St. Paul would have a balcony, but that’s not necessarily the case. However, a balcony is a nice little luxury to have. It often feels like an…

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3 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time to Buy a St. Paul Condo or Loft

If you’ve been waiting to make a final decision on whether to buy a condo in St. Paul or Minneapolis, now’s the time to act. In 2018, the trend is showing it has been a sellers market for the several months. The longer you hesitate, the more that trend continues. Here are the Three reasons why now is the best time to buy a St. Paul Condo 1. Interest Rates Are Rising Interest rates for mortgages have reached a seven-year high. It’s already practically unheard of to get an interest rate of under 4.0%, something that home borrowers with good credit could get…

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Minneapolis St. Paul Condos

Twin Cities Condos: Why and When Do Owners May See Special Assessments?

Owners of Twin Cities condos & lofts typically pay monthly assessment, known as the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) fee. If you have a mortgage on the property, it is a separate payment. The monthly association fee keeps the common areas in good condition year-round, etc. By pooling the maintenance funds, condo owners tend to pay more cost-effectively than do homeowners or renters who pay individually for landscaping, roofing, drainage and paving repairs, pool cleaning and safety, snow and debris removal, and so forth. The Special Assessment: What It’s For, How It’s Charged Occasionally, the owners of condos, townhouses, or lofts could be charged a special assessment above the normal HOA fee.…

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Selling Your Condo or Loft? Your Listing Needs Interior Photos

Selling your condo or loft? Property listings with very few photos are often overlooked. Often times, viewers of such listings may suspect that a flattering picture isn’t possible to obtain. Therefore, it’s better to show the interior, short-comings and all. Now, an agent might have a valid reason for not posting interior photos. Typically, these issues can be promptly addressed: A just-listed property is awaiting the photographer’s visit. The seller prefers to wait until the property is free of valuables and personal items to allow photography. The seller is waiting for tenants to move out before scheduling interior photography Appealing Photography Sells Condos & Lofts It all starts…

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St Paul Condo and Loft Shoppers

What the Low Inventory Means for St Paul Condo and Loft Shoppers

For the last 33 months, home sales have fallen for the last year across the U.S. The St Paul condos & loft market has been particularly tight, with 40 percent fewer listings on the market in April 2018 than one year prior. So what does this mean if you’re looking for a downtown St Paul condo? Inside St Paul’s Lean Real Estate Market The shortage is particularly acute among entry level homes priced up to $250,000. This includes many St Paul condos. If your budget is over $250,000, you won’t face as much competition when placing an offer. With a tight market, more shoppers…

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3 Benefits of St Paul Condo Living

Are you looking to buy a condo or loft? If so, you might consider city living in downtown or lowertown St. Paul. There’s a lot to love about St. Paul, MN living in general, and more to love about condo living in particular.  Here are three benefits of St Paul condo living. 1. No Yard Work If you’ve ever owned a house or grown up with a yard, you know how much time yard work consumes. When you have a yard, especially in a four season climate like St. Paul, there’s always something to do in the yard; be it raking, mowing,…

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