Downtown St. Paul: Urban Real Estate Living near the Farmer’s Market, Fine Dining and Retail

southwest minneapolisAre you looking to experience urban living in downtown St. Paul? You have a variety of condos and lofts within walking distance of the Farmers Market such as; The Essex On The Park, The Lowry, River Park Lofts, Market Lofts, and The Great Northern Lofts. 

The St. Paul Farmers market is an added bonus for individuals looking to live in or near the downtown St. Paul area.

The Farmer’s Market is great source for St. Paul’s fresh locally sourced fruits and vegetables, dairy products, honey, baked good, herbs, meat, organic food and plenty of other groceries.

Opening its Summer Season in April or May and lasting through October or November weather permitted, the St. Paul Farmer’s Market is both popular and an important part of the local urban community - the winter season runs for the rest of the year.

Fruits and vegetables are obtained according to their seasons, and anything you could possibly need to create your delicacies is prepared by local farmers.

There is no middle man involved during the transaction as the farmers sell their products directly to the consumers. This ensures higher quality food at lower prices. You can also enjoy listening to live local music while you enjoy your shopping experience.

The Farmer’s Markets are not just about grocery shopping, they form an important part of building community relationships and strengthening local ties.

With varieties that encompass everything you could want, the St. Paul’s Downtown Farmer’s Market is your one stop shop for your weekly groceries. The variety of just meats extend from every day chicken, to pork, turkey, buffalo, bison, geese, duck, goat, rabbit, lamb among a whole host of others. Food trucks sell salads and sandwiches next to spring rolls and egg rolls, all eagerly waiting to satisfy hungry shoppers.

Every Saturday from 6AM to 1PM and on Sundays from 8PM to 1PM, the St. Paul Downtown Farmer’s Market sets up to greet the hustle and bustle of eager consumers.

Rows of flowers spread out, smelling wonderful, and vendor after vendor selling fresh produce and herbs, this is every cook’s paradise.

The only downside is that the produce is strictly available only according to what can be grown that season. Strawberries and peas are only available in June and July. You would be hard pressed to find tomatoes, spinach or even broccoli out of season. The compromise here is that out of season vegetables should be obtained from the supermarket, or smaller local markets that allow resellers.

The good news is that St Paul Farmer’s Market website lists what produce is available according to its season.

If you are looking for fresh food that you know is healthy and taste good, then a quick stroll down to the St. Paul Downtown Farmer’s Market is sure to make your day.

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