Staging Your Twin Cities Condo or Home While You’re Selling It

So, you’ve decided to put your condo or home on the market, however you still have to reside in it while Twin Cities real estate buyers are view it. You may want to consider staging your home during the selling process. Please find below a few staging ideas.

 Changing your mindset

 The key to having satisfaction at this stage is to change your mindset. View it as an opportunity to de-clutter and clean up all those corners you’ve been neglecting. Buyers may look in kitchen cabinet draws, cupboards and also closets. You should try to make sure all of these are clean and spotless. To ensure this, you can start by parting with unwanted materials like old furniture, clothes, shoes, utensils -anything you don’t need, you get rid of. You can sell some of the things in a good condition online or in thrift stores and also donate unwanted materials, or simply throw it away.

 Staging Your Condo or Home

 Now that your condo or home is clean, you can start the staging process. Buyers look at how your condo or home will suit them so don’t make the current residence look too personal. At the same time, you don’t want your condo or home feeling like a hotel where you feel uncomfortable while living a day to day life. So might want to keep the décor neutral and add a just a little bit of a personal touch. The next step is highlighting all the good aspects of your condo or home. For example, if your house gets a lot of natural light, keep your windows clean and also open-up your blinds for direct light to shine-in.

 The other problem that sellers may have to deal with is, the house looking too empty. To combat this, you may wish place an odd number of sculptures or decorations, add some books to empty bookshelves and hang mirrors on the walls. Plants and flowers also make your condo or home look more inviting and is pleasing for buyers. Also, you may want too plug-in some lightly scented oil air fresheners in the main rooms.

 The main areas that buyers look at are the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. You might want to make sure these areas are spotless. Cleaning up after you use these areas helps the process of staging. When you’ve finalized the staging, all you have to take care of is regular cleaning and maintenance.

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