Stay Comfortable All Year While Greening Up Your Minneapolis-St Paul Condo or Home

The beautiful Twin City area is known for its cold winters and humid summers, so ensuring your home is energy efficient is an important step towards sustainability. Completing a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) of the entire heating and cooling system within your condo or home involves upgrading an older furnace and/or air conditioner with a high efficiency model along with the addition of a programmable thermostat, increased insulation, and the sealing of cracks around windows and doors, Older single pane windows can also be upgraded to double pane versions to save significant amounts of money and energy.

Modern Furnaces and Air Conditioners to Green Up Your Home

Regardless of their fuel source, modern furnaces are much more efficient than older models. Today's best units convert nearly 99 percent of fuel energy directly into heat for a greener Minneapolis-St Paul home. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating system is used to measure the efficiency of air conditioners; older units typically have ratings between eight and ten, but today's best models are rated as high as 25 SEER. Upgrading older appliances also adds an element of comfort to your home, as fewer on and off cycles lead to more consistent temperatures and indoor humidity levels.

Upgrade Your Windows, Doors, Thermostat and Insulation

Even the best furnace and air conditioner can't significantly reduce energy consumption in your home if large amounts of conditioned air are continuously escaping from gaps surrounding your windows and doors. Inadequately insulated attics and walls are also important areas to consider during your DER. Prioritize adding insulation to your attic along with sealing any gaps around windows and doors for the most energy savings. If your windows are single pane versions and you can't afford an upgrade to double pane, add a layer of plastic film insulation to minimize the loss of conditioned air. Finally, installing a programmable thermostat is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce your carbon footprint without any sacrifice to personal comfort.

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