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What’s the Difference Between A Minneapolis-St. Paul Condo and A Coop?

Choosing what to buy and where to live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area can be overwhelming. With so many choices for nearly every available budget, it can be tough decision for individuals. When it comes to condos and coops, specifically, the benefits of sharing responsibilities–especially in locations where prices are on the high-end it can outweigh any…

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The Advantages of Condo Living Near the Minneapolis-St Paul Greenways

Minneapolis Green Way with Shannon Lindstrom Realtor

Eco-friendly living goes beyond residing in a space that is sustainable. While purchasing one of the green-friendly condos in the Twin Cities goes a long way in helping you reduce the size of your carbon footprint, you also may want to consider the benefits of living GREEN. Many home buyers in Minneapolis and St. Paul who are interested…

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