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Downtown Minneapolis City Living: Leading Way in Sustainability

A great aspect of the living in downtown Minneapolis is the convenience of being able to walk to restaurants, shopping, art galleries, theatres, and sporting events without spending a lot of time in the car or a lot of money at the gas pumps. Are you looking to experience the sustainable lifestyle of city living? There…

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The Advantages of Condo Living Near the Minneapolis-St Paul Greenways

Minneapolis Green Way with Shannon Lindstrom Realtor

Eco-friendly living goes beyond residing in a space that is sustainable. While purchasing one of the green-friendly condos in the Twin Cities goes a long way in helping you reduce the size of your carbon footprint, you also may want to consider the benefits of living GREEN. Many home buyers in Minneapolis and St. Paul who are interested…

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Minneapolis Real Estate: Condos & Lofts Urban Living

Are you are looking for urban living with a contemporary flair? Minneapolis condo or loft city living may be for you. The City of Minneapolis has incredible neighborhoods; the downtown and also the uptown areas are just two of many locations that provide opportunities to experience and explore city living. There are numerous condo & loft developments in…

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Three Feng Shui Tips to Selling Your Twin Cities Condo or Townhome

Learning to sell your Twin Cities condo or townhome using the art of Feng Shui may save time, money and effort. This ancient art offers many “how to” tips that could help in your condo or townhome the easy way. Here are three Feng Shui ideas for selling Minneapolis- St Paul condos utilizing the Feng Shui method. Go Fresh,…

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Minneapolis – St Paul Condos & Lofts: Green City Living

Green living has become a goal for many communities throughout the United States, but in Minneapolis-St Paul green living is a reality. The cities has devoted time, energy and resources into becoming more sustainable, and majority of its residents are committed to the cause. If you are interested in Minneapolis St Paul green friendly condos, then…

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Minneapolis Real Estate Buyers & Sellers: Walking Neighborhoods Can Be lmportant for Some Individuals Looking for Sustainability

Walkability Minneapolis Shannon Lindstrom

The City of Minneapolis offers numerous walkable neighborhoods, which is the GREEN sustainability feature with a mixed of residential (single-family homes, duplexes, and also condos) and local businesses. If you are looking to walk and/or live near coffee shops, local diners, and/or shops, Minneapolis offers many walking neighborhood opportunities for new or current residents to explore. Please find below a list…

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