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The Downtown Minneapolis Emerging Condo and Loft Market

The following characteristics are emerging among residential communities within urban Minneapolis, which is changing the city’s landscape.

The increase growth of urban residential sustainable living is in high demand pertaining to Minneapolis real estate’s landscape, which is spread across either side of majestic Mississippi River.  You will find quite a few newer or historical residential restored buildings in the city are within walking distance of the Mississippi River and local lakes.

The City of Minneapolis has twenty lakes along with the mighty Mississippi river and its several wetlands. The city is divided into eighty plus neighborhoods with parks and common areas for children and residents to enjoy during leisure time.

A large number of city’s residents live close to their place of work in or near the downtown area and commute through light rail and connecting buses to avoid traffic during working days.

An Example of the Minneapolis Condos and lofts Neighborhood Growth

The Minneapolis-North Loop neighborhood has been expanding within the last couple years. The location is home to commercial businesses to residential historic buildings.

The area of urban Minneapolis is also witnessing the growth from modern to historic warehouse lofts with basic to full common area amenities. These condos and lofts are ideal for individuals working in the downtown Minneapolis location or used as a second home for individuals with suburban homes that wish to visit and experience urban city living during weekends.

Nearly 40,000 people lived in downtown Minneapolis during 2014 and the number is likely to grow to 70,000 by 2025. The City of Minneapolis has proposed to add 15,000 residential housing units by 2025. Visit the Minneapolis Downtown Council’s 2025 Plan at

The future increase of Minneapolis residential condos and lofts opportunites will allow real estate buyers more choices pertaining to floor plans and amenities.

What about lofts?

interior loftThe residential lofts in or near downtown Minneapolis are either restored historic buildings where the exterior architecture has been retained or modern loft developments.

You may find some of the loft units have modern gourmet kitchen, walk-in closets, exposed brick, large windows, concrete walls, wood or concrete floors, and also some provide open floor plans.

Please find below a few lofts in the Minneapolis-North Loop neighborhood.

710 Lofts, 720 Lofts, and 730 Lofts
801 Washington Lofts
Bookman Lofts
Bookman Stacks
Harvester Lofts
Itasca Lofts
Tower Lofts
Lindsay Lofts
Security Lofts
SoHo Lofts

The Minneapolis-North Loop neighborhood is a sustainable walking neighborhood with coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

Please find below information pertaining to the Minneapolis-North Loop.

Local new north loop restaurants

North Loop Neighborhood Association

Mississippi River & Park – James I. Rice Parkway (Park)

New Bike Lanes for the North Loop

Target Field Stadium – Within walking distance from North Loop Condos and Lofts.

North Loop Festival

If you are interested in buying a Minneapolis condo or loft and wish to experience urban Minneapolis city living or selling, feel free to contact RE/MAX Results-Shannon Lindstrom, REALTOR®, AHWD, GREEN at 612-616-9714 or today.


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