The Metro Transit New Green Line Equals Sustainability in Minneapolis & St. Paul Urban Living


The Metro Transit New Green Line equals sustainability in Minneapolis & St. Paul urban living.  Sustainability is all about keeping the area productive and diverse.  The advantages of the Green Line light rail is that individuals can easily visit nearby businesses, it reduces traffic, accessibility to walking neighborhoods, increases the demand for real estate, and also it is better for the environment.  Basically, it creates a more livable, sustainable communities.

Given that Twin Cities monthly rents are on the rise; in some situations, it may be cheaper to buy a new home or condo than to rent one.

Map of Green Line

If you are looking to purchase or sell a real estate property near the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Green Line, feel free to call or email Realty Group, Inc.-Shannon Lindstrom, Realtor® at 612-616-9714 or today.

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