Three Feng Shui Tips to Selling Your Twin Cities Condo or Townhome

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Feng Shui

Learning to sell your Twin Cities condo or townhome using the art of Feng Shui may save time, money and effort. This ancient art offers many “how to” tips that could help in your condo or townhome the easy way. Here are three Feng Shui ideas for selling Minneapolis- St Paul condos utilizing the Feng Shui method.

Go Fresh, and Green.

If you own your home, invest in some quality landscaping. This may perhaps raise the value of the property and attract a higher quality of energy to the building. If you are selling a Minneapolis- St Paul condo or lofts without much landscaping to work with, turn your attention to the main interior entrance of your condo unit and instill some vibrant Chi energy to the main entry. Install a tall, lush potted plant or integrate flowers- planted or fresh cut. Set up attractive lighting and art or strategic mirror placement to create a sense of spaciousness. Refresh the paint color, and try to create an inviting sensation of lightness.

Less is More.

Do not underestimate the value of open space. Many people have an obsession with acquirement. We sometimes feel an urge to fill empty spaces with objects. There is an underlying feeling of want that open spaces create. When buying a condo, however the opposite is true. People want to imagine how they would use a space. Having too much clutter inhibits their imagination. Clear out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Use only a few choice pieces of furniture to highlight ways a room might best be used- leaving plenty of room for the buyer’s imagination to work. You’ll find this is a good way to prepare for your upcoming move as well.

Go for Positive Energy.

Most importantly, be mindful of the concept of the triangle, and sets of three- a central theme of Feng Shui. The energy in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms can either make or break the sale. Buyers need to be confident that they can sleep well, eat comfortably, and be able to relax and unwind if they choose to buy.

Many Minneapolis St Paul condos, lofts, and townhomes for sale could benefit greatly from some creative use of Feng Shui. Using the simple principles of this ancient art may help you to respect the imagination of potential buyers: know how to inspire it and sustain that inspiration throughout your condo.

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