Tips for Making Your Minneapolis/St Paul Condo Eco-Friendly

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There is great news for Minnesota condo buyers who are passionate about upholding a green living lifestyle. If you are thinking about buying a Minneapolis-St Paul condo for sale, you can rest assured that there are many eco-friendly actions you can take that will make your new home an environmentally-friendly place in which to live.

The first task you will want to accomplish is to replace any energy-guzzling appliances that come with the condo with energy-friendly models. Take a look at air conditioners, furnaces, stoves, dishwashers, or refrigerators to make sure they bear the Energy Star label and install only LED lights. Also upgrade to smart technology so that your lights and heating systems are operating at maximum efficiency and install low flow shower heads in the bathroom. If you’re replacing the kitchen sink, opt for copper recycled or stainless-steel furnishings.

If you’re renovating the condo interior, ask your contractor to attach vapor barriers and mechanical ventilation equipment in your walls. If you’ll be repainting walls, look for paints that have low volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, to enhance your indoor environment. Most people don’t realize that many types of paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into their breathing air.

With decor, you can minimize your impact on the environment by using reclaimed wood for floors, counter tops, and walls. When buying towels, bath mats, kitchen linens and bedding, look for natural fibers or bamboo-based materials. You can also keep your air quality nice and fresh by having plants in your living room, bathroom and terrace.

You can let your imagination run free as you look at other ways you can transform your new condo or loft into a place that is great for you and the environment.

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