Tips for Staging a Home or Condo for Less

feng-shui-living-roomHow a condo or loft looks can be a factor when selling your property. That’s where good home staging practices come in. We all want to make our homes  look “Designed to Sell.” But hiring the pros may cost you a pretty penny. Here are a few DIY tips for staging your condo or townhome for sale.

Rearrange and Neutralize

The first thing you want to do is clear your energy from the condo or townhome you’re selling. We mean making it easy for prospective buyers to imagine living there in their own way. Do this by removing all but the absolute minimum of necessary furniture and decorations. You want to open up as much space as possible while in a minimalistic way- showcasing each room’s potential. Also, you may want modify the rooms paint colors, replace old carpet, and drapes with simplistic designs and neutral colors. This helps to make the space into a palate for the buyer’s imagination.


It is ideal for every surface and space to be absolutely clean to the eye, and clean to the nose. There should be no hint of stains, mold, dirt or grime of any kind. We always expect that whenever we visit someone’s home that it’s cleaner than usual. People have this same sense about townhomes or condos for sale. They know, no matter how clean it seems to them, the amount of hidden dirt is probably much greater than what they see. For this reason alone, the better you clean- the more likely you are to sell.

Shop at Ikea

Ikea style furniture has become a kind of standard in contemporary décor. It is effectively neutral and non-threatening. It is easy, as some professionals put it, to “think through” Ikea furniture. That is to say, it has a minimal impact on the buyer’s ability to imagine how she or he would use the space.

Learn a little Feng Shui

Learning some of the basics about Feng Shui decorating will go a long way. Here are some Feng Shui ideas for you to research;

  • Make use of empty space
  • Integrate living plants
  • Use natural light
  • Define the Bagua
  • Decorate in threes

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