Tips for Urban Green Living in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Downtown St Paul Farmers Market

Saint Paul Farmers Market

Life in the Twin Cities is exciting and invigorating — there's always something to see or do. While you may spend your days in the office or at the university, you probably spend your evenings being entertained in the beautiful downtown areas. If you're making your life in this gorgeous area, it's important to try to make an effort to keep it clean, efficient and inviting for the future generations to come. Here's a few green living tips that you can easily incorporate into your life in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Tips for Urban Green Living in Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • Take advantage of the pedestrian walkways throughout the city. Instead of getting in your car or calling an Uber ride, opt for walking through downtown instead. Ride your bike if the destination is a little bit further away. If none of those are a viable option, use the Metro Transit system. This large-scale public transportation system is an affordable and more sustainable way to get around the Twin Cities.
  • Reduce the amount of disposable products that you buy. For example, instead of buying plastic sandwich bags to pack your lunch in every day, invest in a reusable bag that can be washed after you use it. When you do have to buy perishable products, try to recycle whenever you can.
  • Instead of traveling to a chain grocery store in the city, you may want to head to the farmer's market or co-op in order to get fresh, seasonal produce grown by local farmers. The Minneapolis & St Paul Farmers Market are located in both downtown locations that is easy to access.
  • Read about the efforts the city is making in order to be green friendly and sustainable. Sustainable Saint Paul is an organized effort to make St. Paul a leader in green urban living.

If you are looking to experience urban living and wish to buy or sell a condo or a loft in Minneapolis-St. Paul, contact me today. I am a GREEN Designated REALTOR®.

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